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Ad Astra Report

Posted by Helen Marshall on April 16, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Back from Ad Astra and let me tell you it was really something! Friday night had Kevin's VAMPIRES EVOLVE book launch at the World's biggest bookstore.  There was an excellent turn out with a signing line that went halfway across the store!  (...ahem...this may have been the line for YA vampire author Kelley Armstrong put peoples is peoples...)  Still, it was a very vibrant crowd, and there were some excellent readings/talks by Sandra Kasturi, Claude LaLumiere, Nancy Kilpatrick, Sandra Wickham, Rio Youers, and Victoria Fisher.  Great to see some experienced hands at the game and some fresh faces.

Saturday was taken up largely (for my part) with tending to the CZP table, selling books, and making friends.  I was joined by Blocker Kari Maaren (who made up some excellent bookmarks which I'll post about soon).  I've never actually worked a dealer's table before, but it was an interesting exercises.  For those of you who remember the lessons on status, well, I have to say it was wonderful to watch the crowds from that kind of perspective.  In the evening, CZP launched two new books -- Gemma Files' Book of Tongues and Doug Smith's Chimerascope. The former is a weird western that seems to be a combination of magic, Aztec gods and Brokeback Mountain.  The latter is a great collection of SF, fantasy, and horror edited by me!  Again, there was lots of excitement with some brilliant readings by CZP vets and the launchees alike.

On Sunday, Kevin and I ran our two-hour workshop.  Going in, we thought the cards might be stacked against us.  At a con of approximately 100 attendees, there was something like eight concurrent sessions, and it was right at the end, the morning after the dance, the Masquerade, and numerous parties.  Nevertheless, we had an enthusiastic bunch of people!  Kevin covered the basics of offers, accepts, and blocks--with a little bit of character development thrown in--and then I handled the writing segment.  We got some great short stories, one about an ant queen overthrown by a poisoned Twinkie (alas!)!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us!  We had a wonderful time.

(The Evolve Book out for Kevin looking dreamily towards the sky!)


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